Good Day, It’s ReNEWed YOU-niversity!

We happily present life lessons from a ecumenical, Christian perspective.

It’s ReNEWed YOU-niversity offers innovative ways to teach you the WORD, wellness, and the what-ifs of life. Our lessons make it easy for you to understand and apply it to your life. Weekly, here’s how it works:

  • We write about a topic and include a related Scripture.
  • You read the blog and meditate over the Scripture.
  • Then, we ask you you to interact with us . . .
    • Write constructive comments.
    • Share graphics, photos, or art.
    • Record video messages.
  • Learning is collaborative, so we share feedback together.

This online experience is ideal for contemporary, Christian adults seeking a closer relationship with GOD and God’s People through creativity.

Live EmPOWERed! Mrs. Pamela D. R. Smith.